Author: James McDonnell Mitchell on Tuesday, 14 January 2014.

Personalised USB Flash Drive

One of the many additional services we offer for Personalised USB Flash Drives is the ability to upload data. Whilst often overlooked, USB Makers can include 400Mb of data upload free of charge, as standard with most styles. What USB Makers also offers is various additional services to enhance this data that has been placed on the USB that you may not be aware of, that could positively change the way your data is presented to your invaluable users.

Data Locking

Whilst USBs may be used as a promotional tool, often data that is uploaded is too easily deleted as soon as it’s given away. Data Locking protects your data from this, ensuring that your customer has access to files linked to your brand whenever they need it. Please note that this process partitions the drive into two parts, one portion of the locked data, and one without. Data locking is an also a service which is free of charge and included as an optional when ordering most USB styles as standard.

USB Volume Labelling

For a small fee, your Personalised USB Flash Drives can have their volume label altered, what this means is that the title that is displayed when a computer recognizes the USB device, and how the USB appears on the My Computer Directory can be altered, giving it a unique title as opposed to a generic title. Please note that these titles are restricted to 11 characters per label.

Password Protection

If you’re worried about who will see your data, then it may be worth considering password protecting your Personalised USB Flash Drives. Password protection adds a prompt when the drive is accessed, which requires users to input a password before being able to access the drive. Meaning the only person who can see your data is who you want it to be.

Any data that is less than 10mb can be e-mailed to your contact at USB Makers. If your data is larger than this then USB Makers gives customers access to a free FTP service to place their data onto so that we can receive safely and securely. Alternatively you could opt to use one of the many free cloud services that can be found, such as Dropbox. We ask that customers please present their data as they would want the end user to see it, compressed into either a .zip or .rar folder

We aim for our additional data services to aid in the effort to create a USB with data that is as comprehensive, secure and personal as the customer requires it, giving your USB project a more ‘complete’ feel, catering not just on the USB’s outer shell but for the data residing inside as well. If you want to add that extra touch to your data, simply request it in your quote, or ask a member of USB Makers.