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Custom Power Bank

CE FCC RoHS Compliant Power Banks

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    • Minimum Order Quantity: 300
    • Battery Capacity: 1,800 mAh | 2,000 mAh | 2,200 mAh | 2,600 mAh | 3,000 mAh | 4,000 mAh | 4,400 mAh | 5,200 mAh

6,000 mAh | 7,200 mAh | 8,000 mAh | 8,800 mAh | 9,000 mAh | 10,400 mAh | 12,000 mAh | 14,400 mAh | 16,000 mAh | 17,600 mAh | 20,800 mAh

  • 2 Years Warranty
  • CE FCC & RoHS Compliant


If you can’t find a Power Bank style that suits your branding or if you want something truly unique, we can now offer Custom Power Banks meaning you can now design your own Power bank in any size or shape that you want! Made of PVC rubber, the Power bank will be moulded to your design idea.

The process is fairly straightforward. Once we have decided on the power capacity you want and how you want it to look, we will create a visual mock-up. Your order will then be moved into production where we will create a live sample and high-resolution photographs of this will be taken to show you the end result. On your final approval, we will then produce your completely individual custom Power banks

Please note that minimum order quantities may apply.

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