As we head into 2020, we’re excited to announce our new range of tech products, all of which can be printed with your logo or text to maximise your branding on products that customers will enjoy using, increasing the chance of both brand loyalty and exposure.


At a time when our mobiles are almost constantly in our hands, our new Smartphone PopGrip will make modern life that bit easier. There are endless uses for this simple grip which can be easily removed and re-stuck on different devices if required.  Go hands-free and prop up your phone when watching videos online by using the pop-out stand. It’s also great for video calling or even having your phone in easy reach when used as an alarm clock. Or use it to hold your phone securely when running, texting, playing games, or even taking selfies. Tired of getting your earphone cable tangled up? No problem, wind it around the grip to keep it neat while not in use.

Speaking of earphones, to accompany your ever-useful pop grip we now offer two types of earpieces. Choose the traditional style EarBuds, which come with a handy case to keep the wire from getting damaged or tangled when not in use. Listen to your favourite song or watch the latest box-set in comfort with these ergonomically shaped Ear Buds, complete with a microphone and volume control integrated into the cable. Available in a range of bright colours, these earphones can perfectly accompany your branding or latest promotion.  

Want to be hands-free? Then go wireless with our new EarPods which connect via Bluetooth to your phone. Complete with a handy charging case, these sleek earphones are great for on the go, whether walking the dog, exercising in the gym or traveling by public transport. Charge the case itself and this will in turn charge the ear pods up to 4 times.

Both of these styles of earphones come in cases that can be branded with your logo or text. The cases fit easily in your bag or pocket so you will always have them to hand when you need them the most.

Worried about security? Our new Webcam Covers allow you to physically block potential hackers. At a time when privacy is a key concern for us all, all you need to do is attach this small but essential cover over your laptop or tablet and slide the cover to expose or hide the webcam as required. Available in a range of colours, this small accessory adds some peace of mind when using your laptop or tablet.

All of these products can be branded with your logo or design and are all available through our Express service from just 10 pieces so you never had to order more than you need. Contact our sales team today for more information.

These exciting new additions to our branded tech range are just the start of new products that we are planning to release in the coming months. Watch this space for more information!