USB Flash Drive Data Preloading

After spending time choosing the right Custom USB flash drive to suit your branding, making sure your logo looks on point, and that your order will arrive in time for your event, you have finally taken delivery of your branded USB flash drives. But the excitement can quickly fade when you realise you have 500 drives to add your latest brochure to, you only have two USB ports to use, and the event you need them for is imminent!

However, had you taken advantage of our stress-free USB data loading service none of that would have been an issue, not only saving you time but also the headache it would inevitably lead to.

As well as being time-saving, data uploading is a greener way to share files with clients. Reducing the impact on the environment means you can also save money on printing costs. Furthermore, changes to the data on your USB Flash drives can be made easily at the last minute by replacing the files instead of having to reprint documents. Most of all, it is a convenient way for your clients view to the latest brochure or presentation without burdening them with heavy reams of paper.

USB Data pre-loading allows you to brand your drives not only externally with your logo, but also internally with your files. As your client is reminded of your services every time the USB is used, the chance of successful lead generation is increased.

Our duplicators can load more than 30 drives at a time, meaning your data will be added quickly and efficiently, so you only have to concentrate on the content you want to include on them.

USB File Formats

There are also no restrictions on the type of file you can upload. Whether videos, Powerpoint presentations, or promotional material, as long as they are supported by your (and your client’s) operating system. And as your USB is plug and play, your client has instant access to your files, whether using a tablet, laptop, PC, Mac, or even a Smart TV!

We can upload up to 400Mb of data to each drive for free (larger files incur a small fee per drive) and with memory capacities of up to 64GB there is no limit to the amount you can add.  It is also possible to lock the data on the drive. This process partitions the drive into two, meaning the side with the data on can’t be deleted, but the empty side can be used as normal to add and delete files as required.

If your data is too big to email, then you can send it to us by a free data transfer service like Wetransfer or Dropbox. Ideally, we’d need this 1-2 days after you place your order, so as not to cause any delays.

For a small fee, we can also volume label (name the drives) with an 11-character title to really maximize your brand awareness as well as providing your clients with a convenient way to read and view your latest promotional material. The whole process could not be simpler!

We can upload data onto any of our Branded USB Sticks, and with over 70 to choose from you just need to decide which one suits your branding or campaign the best, and we will do the rest!