Author: James McDonnell Mitchell on Friday, 17 January 2014. 

Printed USB Memory Sticks

Creating an independent game can be an uphill struggle, with graphics, music and story to think about, not to mention all of that pesky de-bugging, an overlooked, but perhaps most difficult part of the whole process is getting your game seen by the masses, especially without significant financial backing from a major video game publisher. USB Makers takes the difficulty out of the process, with a cost-effective and practical solution, the distribution of your game using Printed USB Memory Sticks pre-loaded with your game’s content or promotional materials.


As a Form of Game Distribution

USB Makers offers an optional 400Mb pre-uploaded content on most drive styles making your distribution project easier. In addition, this standard includes a 1-2 colour print, you could print your logo or even your game’s mascot. Sizes range from as small as 128Mb to as high as 64Gb, catering to all manner of games. This could be the whole game or just a demo or trial version to lure in players with a taste of your game, you could even pre-load an internet shortcut to where the full version can be purchased. USB Makers can also lock your data, meaning your game can never be deleted. USB Makers can also program your USBs to auto-run certain files such as your demo or internet shortcut.

As a Form of Game Promotion

Although your Printed USB Memory Sticks can be used to carry your game, that’s not all they’re limited to. Another way of teasing your audiences (especially if a stable beta is not available yet), is to preload your USB Memory Sticks with promotional materials or bonus content. This could be production sketches, trailers, screenshots, soundtracks and more. To add an extra incentive, the exclusive material could be pre-loaded to your USBs, to give that extra something to those who took a chance on your game. A USB is also a nice gift that recipients are bound to use over and over again.

Cheap Style Options

Our cheapest price range is perfect for those on a tight budget, whilst being cost-effective, this is not reflected in their design, but are in fact our best-selling models commonly purchased by corporate companies. These styles are the Dixie, Twister, and Titan styles, with the Twister available in order quantities as low as 25 units.

Amateur game designing is becoming increasingly accessible to the masses. With simple but dynamic programming languages such as Python making it possible for people to get their games out there. However getting your game seen above the others is not an easy task. The advantage of using Printed USB Memory Sticks are easily transported and easily handed out. The offer of a free game is hard to refuse and by leaving extra space on the drive for the end user to use ensures repeat use and brand exposure, and also acts as a nice gift. Game design is a labour of love, after which getting your game out there for people to enjoy your creative works is of utmost importance.