Logo Printed USB Memory Sticks – Best Sellers

The versatile Twister and Twister Duo USBs are clear front-runners when it comes to logo printed USBs. The clip of the USB can be branded with your logo or text and swivels around the drive to protect the chip inside. Available in a range of colours, Twister and Twister Duo will complement your latest campaign. The budget-friendly Dixie USB drive is popular for large marketing campaigns. The body can be spot or full colour printed on one or both sides of the drive and has a removable cap for easy use.

Take advantage of the larger print area of the Slim Card USB. Print edge to edge in full colour or create your artwork to reflect your business card, and save time by using our Pre-loaded data service to increase your brand awareness.

The faux leather Hermes USB with its metal surround is one of the most stylish drives we offer. This high-end flash drive can be printed or engraved* with your logo or artwork to really highlight your branding. With its rustic appeal, the Wooden Block USB can be printed or engraved from just 10 pieces on our Express Service. Available in light and dark wood this eco-friendly style’s smooth finish is a real show-stopper.

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