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The Twister Series is one of USB Makers’ most popular ranges of Memory Sticks. Being both aesthetically pleasing and practical, the Twister USB Memory Stick incorporate bright, varied colours, juxtaposed with its cool metallic clip whilst having a space-efficient design, almost halving in size when ‘twisted’. Our Twister USB Memory Stick styles can be printed in up to 4 Pantone colours or in full colour print or alternatively can be engraved with your personalized logo for no extra charge, accentuating the professional feel of the style. Suitable for all uses, the Twister USB Drive Series is available in capacities from as low as 128Mb to as high as 64Gb. The capless Twister USB Flash Drives is an ideal investment both for use in and around the office or as a promotional piece for clients. The Basic Twister also falls into USB Makers’ most popular and cheapest price bracket. For a small fee, the Basic Twister can also have its shell colour matched to a Pantone colour of your choice.

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