Credit Card USB Memory Sticks

Credit Card USB Sticks

A credit card USB is a fantastic and fun alternative to the more traditional USB stick. Not only does it allow a larger surface area to print your company branding, but it also offers more creativity in your marketing since the shape and design allow for easy wallet storage, and can even be used as business cards.

What’s more, you can also pre-load each drive with documents, brochures, and other business literature to offer the maximum wow factor for potential customers and partners.

We can print your card drive in up to four Pantone colours, which can either be in full colour or engraved with your business logo at no extra charge. We supply cards in either square, round or rectangular shapes, in standard plastic, wood, or even alloy to ensure your brand is represented no matter what.

Despite their size, each credit card USB stick comes available in a range of sizes, from 128Mb, right the way up to 64Gb, and offer a secure means of storing data, which can be accessed by simply flipping out the USB connector.

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