Author: James McDonnell Mitchell on Wednesday, 19 February 2014. 

Branded USB Flash Drives

At USB Makers we understand that getting a promotional item that stands out and is kept and used by your potential client is hard to come by. Branded USB Flash Drives have quickly become a highly sought after promotional product, the powerful combination of offering both brand awareness and longevity of use by your potential clients is a key feature that makes promotional USBs as popular a choice for promotional merchandise as they are. As I’m sure you’re well aware, brand awareness is key to gaining new business, leading to subsequent recognition and association with your products and services. It’s often simple but effective in gaining new business when one thinks of Cadbury, one associates the logo with chocolate, Windows to computers, Oakley to sunglasses etc. etc.. This association isn’t simply naturally occurring, but engineered through effective marketing strategy.

By distributing your logo on a practical product means brand awareness every time the promotional item is utilized. Branded USB Flash Drives do just this, by giving your potential clients a practical USB to utilize at both home and work, that easily carried everywhere, can ensure that your brand is regularly seen, an association is formed.

Perhaps the best advantage of Branded USB Flash Drives is the ability to not simply customize the outside of your drive, but the inside as well. With an optional 300Mb of re-loaded data included as standard with most of USB Makers’ styles, you can load your promotional USBs with product details, information on your company or simply an internet shortcut to enable your customer to reach your services whenever and wherever a computer is near. In addition, USB Makers also offers additional services to enhance your data, such as password protection, locking to ensure your data cannot be deleted and auto-load options.

Choosing the right USB for your project is, of course, an important element to consider as well, style and colour can be key to positively complementing your logo. With over 50 styles to choose from, you may be spoiled for choice, however, if you have an idea of the ‘feel’ you would like for your USBs, refer to the series drop-down menu at the top of the page, to simplify your search. If you are constrained by a budget, it may be worth considering the Dixie, Titan or Twister styles, the cheapest and most cost-efficient styles that USB Makers have to offer. In addition, for a small cost, USB Makers can Pantone-match certain styles, utilized most effectively on the Twister style, this colour is most popularly a Pantone-match to a colour in your logo can re-enforce the association power of your drive. If you are unsure of the Pantone colour in your logo, a member of our experienced graphics team can help find your Pantone.

Branded USB Flash Drives from USB Makers come with a 1-2 colour print and 400Mb of pre-uploaded data as standard. USBs are available in a range of over 50 styles in capacity sizes from as low as 64Mb to as high as 64Gb. Best of all, USB Makers offers a free visual mock-up service, meaning if you enclose your logo with your quote request, we can create a visual with no obligation to proceed, to give you assurance and confidence in your order.