Author: James McDonnell Mitchell on Wednesday, 26 February 2014. 

Branded USB Memory Sticks

An important part of getting clients is ensuring the services of your company can be seen, this is, especially when you’re in an industry such as photography were showing your photographic skills to potential clients really matters, and can mean the difference between getting the client and not getting the client. A great way to get your work out there is to distribute your work via Branded USB Memory Sticks. Your flash drive can be used for one of two purposes, as a promotional tool to show what you can do, or alternatively as a method of presenting finished work to a client. In either case, USB sticks make a great addition to your client’s satisfying arsenal and can heavily impact the rate of your trade.

As a Promotional Tool
Giving your portfolio away to garner extra ‘views’ of your work can positively impact your business, USB Makers offers printing with 1-2 colour both sides as standard with most of its styles, this, however, doesn’t mean that the artwork has to be the same on both sides. A lot of customers choose to have their logo on the front whilst having contact details printed on the back, to ensure that potential clients have everything they need to get in touch should they require your services. This can be an inexpensive process, given that USB Makers style starts at only 50 units, with one of our cheapest styles, the Twister, being available in quantities of 25. Better yet, USB Makers also includes 300Mb of pre-uploaded data, so if you have your portfolio already prepared, we can upload it at the source, so that your USBs arrive with you ready for distribution. USBs have the added bonus of being re-usable by clients

USB for Photographers

For Your Clients’ Photos
Alternatively, some photographers choose to have their Branded USB Memory Sticks, not for the purpose of promotion, but as a method of giving their work to customers. USBs are space-efficient and convenient for customers to have, better yet, if, as mentioned above, branded with your logo and contact details, can serve as a constant reminder of where your customers received their photography work from, should they require your services in the future.

Popular Style Choices
Having dealt with many photographers in the past, USB Makers have noticed a pattern with the sort of style of Branded USB Memory Stick Photographers tend to choose, with the presentation being key in a client’s decision, styles such as the Wooden and Corporate Series are particularly popular, both having a more high-end feel. If you are on a budget, the Twister, Titan, and Dixie are some of USB Makers’ cheapest and most popular styles. Another popular choice is the Slim Credit Card, which includes full-colour printing as standard, the Slim Credit Card has a large print area, offering a large ‘canvas’ for your artwork. For that extra edge, a lot of customers choose to have branded packaging such as boxes, or keyring chains to offer added personalization and convenience.