Novelty USB Stick Styles

Our Novelty Memory Stick series is for those looking for something a bit more fun for their USB Memory Stick project. Offering something a little more unique, the Novelty USB Memory Sticks ranges from toy bricks for younger audiences, bottles, and cans for weddings or caterers, or Cassette Tapes for those who want a more ‘retro’ feel, and much, much more. All styles can be printed with your custom logo and are suitable for all uses, big or small, being available in capacities from as low as 128Mb to as high as 64Gb. Our Novelty USB Flash Drives are aesthetically pleasing, being both colourful and cheerful and are perfect for those looking for something more product specific to cater to their brand, making the Novelty USB Drive series the perfect series for a promotional piece or a gift idea for clients.

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