Author: James McDonnell Mitchell on Monday, 20 January 2014. 

Wood USB Drives

Wood USB Drives are increasingly becoming one of USB Makers most popular and best-selling styles. It could perhaps because of their organic design or diversity of purposes the wooden styles can be used for that make them so popular. Most popularly the Wood USB Drives are used by companies with an environmental element to their business, whether that is a charitable cause or involves an element of gardening or landscaping, due mostly to their light, clean, wooden design. Wood USB Drives are also popular amongst those who have a business that is aiming to evoke a sense of timelessness to their product, especially by opting for the darker colour of wood that is available. Another popular request is for the wooden styles to be created for businesses with connections to the music industry, particularly for bands or those using woodwind and acoustic instruments or equally businesses who sell said instruments.

For Musicians

Wood USB Drives are also particularly popular with companies or bands involved with acoustic or woodwind instruments. Playing into the theme, both colours are popular with this sort of project in mind, with the darker shade being more popular with projects relating to dark-wood instruments and lighter with lighter-wood coloured instruments.

For an Eco-Friendly Message

Being ‘green’ has never been more important. If a natural, environmentally-friendly image is what you are looking for, then it may be that Wood USB Drives are the drive for you. Often clients who purchase them for this purpose choose the Lighter Wood option, to give a gentler, softer image, often utilizing plenty of light greens to really marry the two elements together and to achieve the right sort of message.

Wooden Eco Friendly USB Memory Sticks

For a Classic Feel

Equally, the Wooden styles can also be useful in evoking a classic, timeless feel. Perfect for long-established companies who want to give a ‘high-end’ feel to their project. Wooden styles purchased for this purpose are popularly given out as corporate gifts and are mostly purchased not in the Lighter Wood Colour, but in the darker, cherry-oak like shade for a more corporate feel.

Wood USB Drives are available in six different styles, with most styles available the popular Lighter Wood, and a more classical Dark Wood Colour. Minimum Order Quantities start from 50 units. The standard features USB Makers offers for this style includes a 1-2 colour print and an optional 300Mb of pre-loaded data, to promote your products or cause, although higher uploads are available for a small cost. A popular exchange which complements the style is to substitute a 1-2 colour print for laser engraving, giving the drive a more ‘organic’ feel, and which better yet incurs no extra charge. Capacity sizes also start from an economic 128Mb and range up to a massive 64Gb.

It is after all entirely dependant on what your company’s purpose and aims are and the message you want to evoke with your USB project that predominantly determines the style that is right for you. If your company or organization requires USBs for any of the uses above then it may be that Wood USB Drives are the USB Style for you.