Printed USB Memory Stick

It has never been more important to get ahead of the competition, especially in the current financial climate, and searching for a Printed USB Memory Stick that caters all needs is difficult at the best of times, especially when you need to strike that delicate balance between something professional and aesthetically pleasing, whilst at the same time making sure that you stay on budget.

We offer a vast range of styles and there’s a style for every need. However, if you’re a busy worker and need a USB style that ticks all the boxes, then look no further than USB Makers’ professional, affordable, best-selling models of USB Memory Sticks. Introducing; The Dixie, The Titan, and the Twister.

Dixie Style USB DriveThe Dixie
The Dixie shell has a sleek and modern in design, benefitting those with wider logos on account of its large print area in comparison to other styles. The convenient ‘clasp’ also makes The Dixie the perfect style for any additional accessories such as keyring clips and lanyards. The addition of the LED light that illuminates when plugged into a computer, gives the style functionality whilst re-enforcing its modern design.


Titan Style USB DriveThe Titan
The Titan is the bolder, more rounded cousin of the Dixie style giving it a more delicate design and feel, whilst still retaining a modern and professional motif. Like the Dixie its print area benefits logos with a wider design and its ‘clasp’ makes it ideal for accessories such as lanyards and keyrings. One advantage The Titan has over The Dixie is that for a small fee it can have an added soft, matted rubber touch added to its shell, supporting The Titan’s already more gentle design.


Twister Style USB DriveThe Twister
The Twister USB is perhaps the most popular style of Printed USB Memory Stick that USB Makers has to offer. Being ever-functionable, the Twister is entirely capless, meaning there’s no part of the product that could be misplaced. The Twister is also space-efficient almost halving its size when ‘twisted’. The Twister benefits positively by having an appropriately complementary colour for the coloured half of the shell to match your chosen logo. USB Makers offers a range of six standard colours, but for a small additional charge, The Twister can break free of standard colour limitations and have its shell Pantone-matched, giving you the added the edge of being able to own a USB that’s shell perfectly match the colour of your logo.

The Twister style is available in quantities starting from as low as 25 units and the Titan and Dixie in quantities as low as 50. All and include a 1-2 colour print as standard. Memory sizes range from as low as 128Mb to as high as 64Gb. USB Makers also offer a range of extra services including full-colour print, additional accessories such as lanyards and keyrings, or soft-touch for the Titan or Twister styles. Standard colours include Red, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, or for a small fee, the shell can be Pantone-Matched. If you’re unsure about which USB Style is for you, a safe bet is the Dixie, Twister or Titan. The trio have held the title of USB Makers’ most popular style of Printed USB Memory Stick in recent years and there’s no sign of that changing in the future. So if you want a USB that is professional, sleek and affordable, then the Dixie, Titan or Twister are the styles for you.