Author: James McDonnell Mitchell on Wednesday, 19 February 2014. 

Card USB Keys

Being creative with your promotional products has never been more important, with getting ahead of the competition becoming more and more competitive, it may benefit your promotional campaign to have a greater emphasis on the image portrayed on your USBs. Card USB Keys can offer just that, plastic card USBs offer the largest printing space of all the styles USB Makers has to offer, giving your maximum space to express the energy and feel of your company through your USBs’ design, with full-colour print complementing the series’ exquisitely.

Having a large surface on which to put across your campaign has an advantage in the respect, unlike most other USB styles, there is space for more than just a logo, but an image of your work or some art that reflects the style of the company. Slim Credit cards are particularly popular with photography and design companies, but equally with corporate companies as a modern alternative to business cards or to store catalogues of a new product. The added advantage of using USBs to promote your campaign is also the potential to store multimedia information such as video files and multitudes of images that would be impractical by other means. In addition, the remainder of space of the USB acts as a practical device that can be used by customers for their own use, all the while being reminded of your brand.

Imagery has the power to evoke certain feelings or relay concepts quicker than the written word can, it is often imagery that intrigues people to delve further into what the image represents. It is for this reason that USBs with a large print surface are advantageous for attracting a new clientele. Card USBs may have a large surface area but their slim body means they are just as portable and pocket-friendly as other popular styles such as the Twister or Dixie.

USB Makers can provide you with your custom printed USB in a 1-2 Pantone colour print both sides and a 300Mb pre-uploaded data option as standard, for a small fee we can pre-upload more data or increase the number of colours to 4 Pantone colours, or utilize full-colour printing. The Slim Credit Card is a unique exception, the most popular choice of the Card Series, the Slim Credit Card Style benefits from having full-colour printing included as standard, giving you the freedom to design your USB however you want. If you are unsure about artwork or need some help producing artwork, our experienced graphics team are always on hand to help.

The freedom that the Credit Card series offers is perhaps what attracts customers the most to this professional and modern style of USB, and it’s not hard to see why especially with the Slim Card style’s added advantage of full-colour print.