Author: James McDonnell Mitchell on Wednesday, 19 February 2014. 

Novelty USB Memory Sticks

If you have a product-specific company, having a matching USB can help. USB Maker’s range of Novelty Printed USB Memory Sticks can offer just that. Pencils, Soft Drinks Cans and Audio Cassette USB styles and more can help raise association with your brand as well as being a fun and note-worthy promotional item for customers to receive, setting your USB from those of your competitors. Providing a unique and memorable promotional product can often be the difference between your potential clients remembering and forgetting what your company is about, and with custom branding, your USB can be further personalized to re-enforce your brand.

Having a USB that complements your company can vastly improve the recognition of your brand, if, for example, your company provides stationary, but your company’s name perhaps doesn’t make this immediately obvious, printing your logo on a Pencil Style Novelty USB can form greater association and ensures that customers remember what your company is about. For example, USB Makers have provided a Drinks Can style for Coca-Cola.

Your USB’ style could also be associable to your promotional campaign’s theme or its use, for example USB Makers produced a part of a press-release kit in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 video game ‘The Last of Us’, whilst the game’s themes had little to do with audio cassettes, the USBs were provided containing the soundtrack for the game, given the game’s time setting, it also gave the release kit a ‘retro feel’.

USB Makers offers an array of product-specific Novelty USBs. However, if there is nothing that catches your eye, you can always choose to take advantage of our Custom PVC Style Service. This service allows you to have custom moulded USBs made from PVC Rubber, ensuring that your company really has a unique product. USB Makers are experienced in handling custom PVC orders, which vary in production in comparison to regular drives, providing companies such as Jet and Eva Air with custom PVC petrol pumps and airplanes respectively. Whilst Custom PVC USBs are slightly more expensive than standard USB Styles, the result is a more company-specific USB that will be unique to your company.

Most of USB Makers’ styles, Novelty Printed USB Memory Sticks include a 1-2 colour print as standard and the option of 300Mb of pre-loaded data included as standard, however, certain novelty USBs vary in their printing areas and depth of print colours, so it is worth consulting the printing options on the individual USBs style page or consult with your USB Makers Customer Representative about the printing options of your USB. Most styles are available in capacity sizes of 64Mb to 16Gb. The 300Mb of pre-uploaded data can be used to further enhance your brand awareness by providing customers with contact details and product or service information.