on Wednesday, 29 June 2016.

10 Reasons Your Business Needs Branded USB's

USBs have long been a popular choice for many businesses and they still continue to prove their dominance with many people using the devices to save, store and share files, portfolios, and data. Memory sticks have evolved greatly since their first foray into the market and with USBs now fully customisable, they’ve become much more than a standard storage device. Whether you use them to extend your brand, deliver content or spark a conversation, here are the reasons your business should invest in branded USB sticks


Brand Development

Branding your business is much more than just a logo. It extends into every aspect of your business from the space you occupy to how you talk to clients and the story your business tells. But your logo is important, it’s the face of your business, so making it known is essential. Your logo should be present on any promotional or client-facing items you use, and a branded USB will help do this.

Content Delivery

There are times when you simply don’t know how to share a piece of content, either because it’s too big to send over email or you want a safer and reliable way to deliver it. USBs can store all manner of different files from Word documents, design files, music, videos, and photos.

Reliable Storage

We’ve all been there when the computer has crashed and you’re in a frantic state worrying if all your hard work has been lost and whilst we are all often told to back our work up, we do sometimes forget. Make it a habit to back up important work on a USB and make sure every employee has one to hand too.

Reliable USB Storage

Event Takeaways

How often are we handed something at an event that becomes pretty much redundant once the event is over? A lot. Leaflets do little that is actually useful to a potential customer once the event has finished, whereas a USB not only provides something useful for the customer to use afterward but also allows you to add your portfolio and contact details on too.

Talking Point

Branded USB sticks make a great talking point. As we’ve just mentioned above USBs are a little bit different from the average event takeaway and in turn, make a great talking point. Whether it’s from customers who you’ve handed one out to, or within your own company.

Share Portfolios

Aside from delivering content, if you don’t want to lug around a big physical portfolio then take it digitally and keep it on a USB stick instead. Storing your portfolio on a USB also allows you to leave it with a client and allows them the chance to go back through it in a much more portable way. Plus, it’s much more low cost.

Portable Device

Ever attended a meeting and your laptop died or the presentation you sent via email didn’t work? USBs won’t take up much space in your bag and are easily portable, so keeping your important presentation on a memory stick as a backup is always a good idea.

Bespoke Designs

If you thought USBs were just a small stick that did little to make your business stand out, then get set to be proved wrong. With so many customisable designs available, you can make your USB as unique as your business is.

They Work for All Industries

Memory sticks aren’t industry-specific and whatever your business does you’ll likely find that you need to use one. Whether you’re a photographer looking to share your portfolio, or you want to hand them out at an event to spark a conversation. As they are completely customisable you can tailor them to exactly how you want them.

Different Sizes and Packaging

The idea of a USB stick is that it isn’t bulky and allows you to store files on a portable device. Available in a number of different sizes and packaging options, a branded USB allows you to choose the style and surrounding packaging.

Portable USB Device