Printed USB Memory Stick Artwork Guidelines

Printed USB Memory Stick Artwork Guidelines

In order to produce your USB Project as effectively as possible, we ask that customers please read our Printed USB Memory Stick Guidelines thoroughly.

High-Resolution Logos

Once your order has been placed, please note that in order to re-produce your artwork effectively as possible, and to be of a quality represented in any Visual Mock-Ups, we will require a high-resolution version of your logo, if it has not been provided previously for the purposes of the production of a mock-up, ideally in one of the following formats:

•    .AI File (Adobe Illustrator)

•    .EPS File

•    .PSD File (Adobe Photoshop)

•    Hi-Resolution .JPG File

•    Hi-Resolution .PNG File

•    Hi-Resolution .PDF File

USB Memory Sticks Artwork Guidelines

Print Areas

To get a better idea of the size of the print area, please refer to the individual style pages for product-specific Printed USB Memory Stick Guidelines for more information. Please note that print area guidelines are in place to give you a better idea as to the end result size of the logo, as mentioned above, we will still require your logo to be larger than the print area.

Specific sizes are also useful for seeing whether your logo is suitable for the print area of the style. For example wider logos may be suitable for styles with wider print areas, whilst unsuitable for taller logos, in which case the logo may have to be rotated 90° to effectively reproduce your logo.

Pantone References

Whilst pantone colours are matched by our graphics team as closely as we can, many companies have specific guidelines regarding the pantone colours used for company-related products. Please check if this applies to your companies before continuing with a 1-4 colour spot print.

What is the Difference between a High-Resolution Logo and a Low Resolution Logo?

Providing a high quality logo ensures that your logo is printed crisply and clearly with no pixilation. Providing a low quality logo often means that pixilation will occur, the image becomes grainy and the edges aren’t crisp, leading to a blurred, unclear finish. It is important that the highest possible quality logo is provided to us to ensure your brand is represented with a clean, professional print.

Quality of Logo for Printed USB Drives

I Can’t Obtain a High Resolution Format Logo, What Should I Do?

Don’t be alarmed, whilst high-resolution images are preferred, if a high-resolution copy of your logo cannot be obtained, simply get in contact with you account manager at USB Makers to discuss possible solutions and to see what a member of our experienced graphics team can do to help you.

All Logo Printed USB Styles

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